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Protect your brand integrity from millions of counterfeit listings.

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Don’t let these frauds kill your brand!

Counterfeiters can always find ways to target you and your brand. Whether it's a knock-off product or unauthorized distribution, it is important to stay ahead of the game; otherwise, it can lead to:

The CounterFind Experience:
Brand Defender

We understand how much your brand means to you. That's why we've developed a specialized approach to track and takedown infringements quickly and effectively.
Our software pulls in thousands of suspected listings illegally marketing your products in real time.

New products are added in real time as they are launched on each marketplace.
Image recognition, keywords, and proprietary filtering formulas start to detect infringements of Trademarks, Copyrights, and Right of Publicity on multiple networks.

Data from similar brands is leveraged to quickly identify infringers.
Turnkey tools automatically report and delete infringements in real time, with an average takedown time of less than 48 hours.

Collected metrics, reports, and data points in CounterFind's system are used to measure impact and recover damages through our Infringement Recovery Program.

Here's What You'll Get

Comprehensive and Proactive Protection
Access to an unlimited number of domestic and international marketplaces
Supercharged AI-Powered Detection
The software tracks down counterfeits and infringers through profound image recognition, keywords, proprietary filtering formula, and much more
Complete Case Authority
Convenient access to active takedowns, historical data, and fully customizable reports
Risk Connoisseurs
Industry experts who specialize in both infringing and licensed merchandise, bringing years of knowledge to the table
Quick and Easy Setup
No local installation and no extra integration are needed - just an internet connection
Full Data Transparency
Easily access all your data inside the CounterFind platform

What our Clients Are Saying

“Little did we know in December of 2019 when we partnered with Counterfind, what a critical asset they would be when the world turned upside down with COVID and online infringement of our trademarks amplified.  Since those early days, this partnership quickly evolved into a trusted relationship that we rely on to assist with protecting our brand.  While the Counterfind platform is the “tool” that we use on a daily basis to accomplish our brand protection goals, it is the people, and the customer service makes this relationship awesome.”
Dale Arens

Dale Arens

Trademark Licensing Director, University of Iowa

“CounterFind has found a niche with its social media enforcement tool for marketplace listings and ads. We find it crucial to include them in our overall brand protection strategy at WWE. ”
Matthew Winterroth

Matthew Winterroth

Vice President & Intellectual Property Counsel, WWE

“CounterFind’s ability to customize and adapt aspects of their software to fit into Merch Traffic’s trademark protection program has made them an incremental part of our overall strategy. CounterFind has streamlined our ability to enforce multiple brands and makes fighting counterfeits online easy.”
Emily Holt

Emily Holt

Director of Business & Legal Affairs, Merch Traffic

“CounterFind's solution allows us to consolidate all infringements across every major NFT marketplace for seamless review and removal of fakes. What would have taken us weeks to review and report, we can now do in seconds."
Liz Van Denburg Cohen

Liz Van Denburg Cohen

Director of Merchandise Licensing at BEN Group

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