Knock-Offs Could Cost You Your Life

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July 2, 2018

Buying cheap counterfeit goods may seem like a great deal, but do you know the risks? What looks like a way to save money could cost more than you can imagine.

Fake designer apparel is just the tip of the iceberg. More products than ever are now being produced outside of regulatory manufacturing processes and flooding the market through online marketplaces. Electronics, food, and even pharmaceuticals are being unloaded onto unsuspecting consumers at record rates. While some buyers know they’re buying look-a-like goods, others are completely unaware and trust that the name on the product reflects its true origin.

Counterfeiters save money in the manufacturing process by using cheap raw materials and substandard manufacturing methods. They are criminals who have little to no accountability or concern for putting out a good product or building trust with their customers. These outlaws don’t care about the damage their products do to the end users.

The Hazards of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

Counterfeiting is especially dangerous in the case of medicine and medical supplies. A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that in low-to-middle income countries, one out of every ten medical products on the market is “either substandard or falsified.” The results can be deadly.

The report also revealed that tens of thousands of deaths result annually due to the $30 billion a year counterfeit pharmaceutical industry.

Software companies are taking on the battle against counterfeit products with innovative new solutions that track down fakes and help to prevent or remove them from the marketplace.

One company that is combating fraudulent pharmaceuticals is TraceLink. They are providers of a cloud-based software suite designed to help the medical industry trace, track, and authenticate medications. In a May press release, TraceLink announced they are now serving over 800 customers in 35 countries. This is good news for the worldwide efforts to combat the dangers of counterfeit drugs.

We celebrate and applaud similar software companies like us who are trying to do something about counterfeit, in this case, specifically in the pharma industry, which could have a life-saving impact.

Can Other Fakes be Hazardous to Your Health?

From the use of lead-based paint to plastics used as ingredients in food products, the effects of counterfeit goods are frightening. There is little international oversight and intervention in the trafficking of these fakes. So far, it’s been the charge of the U.S. Customs and Border Control along with the help of ICE to intercept the bootleg items before they enter the country.

Still, millions of fakes make it through each year, threatening our health and welfare. Many end up on discount store shelves or e-commerce websites. Since there is little to no accountability or supply chain tracking in many of these sales channels, consumers have no way of knowing the origins of the products they’re buying.

Most of us are focused on saving money and finding the best deals. We can easily fall victim to counterfeit products and suffer the consequences without even knowing it. The snacks we give our children and the chew toys we offer our pets could be tainted with toxic chemicals that would never be allowed by top-notch manufacturing standards.

Banning Counterfeit Goods Through Ad Networks with CounterFind

CounterFind is another disruptive software solution designed to help in the fight against the sale of illegal counterfeit products. This revolutionary software assists companies whose products have been ripped-off and are now being advertised online.

By rooting out fake products in advertisements and product listings, reporting the offenders, and getting the ads removed, these items are less likely to be seen and bought by unsuspecting consumers.

Help in the fight against dangerous, unhealthy, and illegal knock-offs by reporting suspected sellers and recommending solutions like CounterFind to your favorite brands. Together, we can all pitch in and put an end to the unethical and criminal counterfeiting industry.

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