6 Data Points to Identify Counterfeit in Facebook Ads

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November 14, 2018

Are your consumers being tricked by false advertising on Facebook? You aren’t alone.

These 6 data points will help you better identify and remove bad actors from the social media marketplace to protect your consumer base.

  1. Messaging – look for messaging that isn’t consistent with your brand
  2. Images – fuzzy or non professional photos marketing the product are a tell all sign that the product isn’t legit
  3. Domain Names – Check the name of the website selling the product and confirm whether or not it is a licensee
  4. Facebook Page Name – if not consistent with official brand Facebook page or brand partner
  5. Number of Interactions – Most consumers will be careful to like the official page, so if a post only has a few likes, it could be a fake
  6. Launch Date – Check with your marketing team to confirm whether or not they are running online promotions during that window

CounterFind automatically collects the data points listed above and other key metrics to help you take swift action to remove these posts from online marketplaces with one click.

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